Meet The Team at LADY AT BAY


Meet The Team at LADY AT BAY...

Lady At Bay's aestheticians and therapists have been voted Sydney's best for several years in a row... plus the LAB team has just been recognised as one of the top two salon/spa teams nationwide at the International Beauty Expo Salon/Spa of the Year Awards... A very prestigious honour as it is judged by the leaders in the beauty industry.



A Warm Welcome…

Lesley_portrait_smallMy name is Lesley Morgan-Wesson and I’ve been the owner of Lady At Bay since 2003.

If you’re interested in caring for your appearance: your skin… your body… improving your health and wellness… solving skin problems… improving your looks… preventing or reversing the signs of ageing… re-shaping and slimming your body, having a non-surgical facelift or improving your image... We can help you.

If you want effortless and reliable results and a natural more attractive appearance in a caring, pampering and relaxing environment, then you have my personal guarantee that you’ll never be disappointed. Your appearance will improve to the level that few others can match.

And there’s NO RISK – whichever treatment you choose, you’ll receive the most advanced and scientifically proven medical-grade technology, skin care and treatment protocols that will give you instant results that will thrill you... and you can trust that you’ll always be delighted.

Why am I so confident? Well, because I have fewer wrinkles, no blemishes and better and younger-looking skin now than I did before I bought Lady At Bay in 2003.

So you may be wondering… What’s my secret?

My results owe themselves to the experience and knowledge of our aestheticians and doctor, our technologically advanced medical-grade equipment, our treatments and the scientifically advanced cosmeceutical skin care products that we use in the Clinic. In fact, my skin has never looked better… and you will be amazed at how yours will improve, too.

There are thousands of treatments and products on the market and too many of them make false, misleading or exaggerated promises and deliver pitiful results! To get the best results, you must have the right advice, the right products and the right treatments otherwise without this trinity you’re throwing your money away!

So why not drop in for a complimentary chat to discuss how you'd like to look?

And I'll look forward to seeing you soon...



Why you can trust LADY AT BAY


BA; ATCL; DipHSc (Beauty Therapy); Dip.Life Coaching; Cert IV Bus; NLP Practioner


Having worked with Lady At Bay for over 11 years (goodness times flies when you're having fun), I feel lucky to have gotten to know so many of our clients on a personal basis and to help them improve as they age.

My greatest pleasure comes from working with women and men to achieve great results for their skin and in having helped them reverse ageing. You can tell the clients who have come to Lady At Bay for a number of years - they're the ones who are looking younger as they get older!

It's so rewarding to assist a client to get rid of their wrinkles and sagging skin, eradicate acne, eliminate sensitive skin, clear up rosacea, finally find a solution for excema, fit into their 'skinny' jeans... and to look and feel so much more beautiful and confident!

I have great faith in the excellent results we achieve for clients and am committed to getting the best results, so I expect my clients to be just as committed to the care of their skin as I am. Let's face it, you can go to any ordinary beauty salon to get a 'facial', but if you're coming to Lady At Bay Skin Clinic, you want and expect results... therefore you'll put in the effort to look after your skin at home as well as coming in for regular treatments; for this reason, I am selective about the clients I'll work with.


TESTIMONIAL: "The girls are lovely in the salon. I love having a treatment with Katherine - she is a great therapist, also very caring and lovely to deal with. The treatment was truly relaxing and my face felt so much more rejuvenated - it was an obvious difference which is what you want from a treatment. Thank you." Elli J, Neutral Bay

TESTIMONIAL: "Can I take you home with me? You're amazing! Thank you." Teresa L, Neutral Bay

TESTIMONIAL: "I was greeted and made to feel very welcome by Katherine who was also my masseuse. I have travelled all over the world & had many massages at some of the best spas, but Katherine had a wonderful touch & the massage was so very therapeutic - one of the best I've ever had." Michel DS, Neutral Bay


Dip.H.Sc.(Beauty Therapy), IPL/Laser Safety Officer


I first started working in the beauty industry in 1997 so I’ve heard it all and seen it all!

As a Senior Advanced Skin Therapist, I do every type of treatment… not just one specific treatment, although I do have my favourites…. I love doing the Clear and Fresh non-surgical facelift as I’ve changed people’s lives with the phenomenal results of this treatment. That makes me so happy - seeing my clients happy and looking beautiful.

I’ve worked at Lady At Bay for over 11 years now so our VIPs and regular clientele see me as part of the furniture!

A significant part of my job is educating clients. You see, I've experienced first hand what good products (not supermarket or department store products) and treatments can do for the skin, body and mind, so I love to educate our clients about the importance of good skin care products and what they can do.

I also train our staff to develop their expertise and knowledge to meet the high standards that are set by management and to fulfill our clients' expectations as well. I am particularly proud to say that for almost five years in a row, our staff have won Awards as Sydney's best.

Clients come to Lady At Bay because they trust us and know we’ll help them look and feel their best; as long as clients are willing to listen, I can achieve that for them with complete confidence with the products, equipment and knowledge I have.

I look forward to meeting you soon and know the girls will achieve your skin care goals.


TESTIMONIAL: "My experience at Lady At Bay has been wonderful. I have had 3 treatments of IPL to remove sunspots on my face and I am ecstatic with the results! I get many compliments about my skin and I would recommend the treatment to anyone. Pia is also great and she does a terrific job. Thank you!" Veronica L, Cremorne

TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you so much for phoning to get some feedback; it’s just fantastic.  You asked me how my skin was… Well, I’m absolutely thrilled! It’s done a fabulous job. I didn’t believe that it would be so good. I’ve got to thank Pia for her fabulous care and treatment… Pia, your care and concern is much appreciated as I always feel very special when you attend to my treatments. My skin has improved so much with your care and recommendations over the years that although I may be years older my skin has become years younger, thank you." Ruth T, Galston

TESTIMONIAL: "I’m very happy with the service I am given, especially Kim & Pia. I’m also happy with the results of the IPL face and body. I also like the specials!!" Katrina M, Cremorne


Adv. Dip.HSc (Beauty Therapy); IPL/Laser Safety Officer


From the moment I attended my interview here at Lady At Bay, I felt a warmth and friendliness that impressed me, but even more so when I learned about their high standards and excellent reputation. 

I have already done a  lot of training and expanded my clinical knowledge considerably. Every day, I learn more in this very professional clinic and I am looking forward to starting a post-graduate degree in Clinical Health Science in the next few years.

I love working with our clients because they are so friendly and I enjoy helping them get the best results and giving them the best advice. As well, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable and they make me feel happy and comfortable. I feel like family and privileged to be working at LAB because they give me the flexibility to express myself professionally and deliver superior results to my clients.

Come and see me soon... I look forward to working with you.



B.Pharm, Dip.H.Sc (Beauty Therapy), Dip. Bus. Man., Grad Cert IPL/Laser Safety Officer

Marcilene After a 2-1/2 year maternity break, I am back at LAB working on a part-time basis. It's great to see so many familiar faces and I'm so happy they remember me, too.

In 2007, I completed a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy and my particular interest is in cosmetics and skin care. My educational background has equipped me with exceptional knowledge - including an understanding and interest in biology and the organic basis of beauty and cosmetics.

I enjoy customer-focussed work and client interaction and my attentiveness and communication skills allow me to successfuly assist clients in meeting their anti-ageing needs.

You'll find me friendly, with a strong commitment to detail, and a passion for the cosmetic aesthetics industry. Plus I am passionate about advancing my skills and knowledge to help me deliver the highest quality service to our clients.

I am really excited about all the new and innovative treatments, technologies, and skincare... So much has evolved since I was last working here, but reassuringly so many things are familiar.

I hope to see you soon and look forward to helping you achieve great results with your skin.


We offer treatments for the local areas of Neutral Bay, Mosman and Cremorne


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