Beauty Salon Mosman - Call 02 9909 3326

Beauty Salon Mosman - Call 02 9909 3326


North Shore's leading dermal specialists in Skin, Face and Body Rejuvenation will help you look and feel years younger and enjoy ageing slowly...


The Virtues of Healthy Longevity - the definite winner...

Recent technological changes have improved the efficiency and accuracy of professional treatments and skin-care products to the extent that they are altering the way you interact with them.

And... the probability is, you're interested in the type of cosmetic and personal care that addresses wellness as well as anti-ageing in conjunction with treatments and products that benefit the whole body to make it look and feel more youthful - cost effectively.


Consumers are becoming more cautious and discerning...

Consumers are seeking expert information to help with their choices and are doing so by consulting trusted sources like friends and businesses with impeccable reputations, like Lady At Bay.

The demand for health and wellness integrated with beauty/cosmetic enhancement, has seen a huge growth in technology and product innovation as well as many new operators cashing in on the boom... This can be risky for consumers with such a plethora of choice.


Who to trust?

A business with an outstanding reputation, which employs professionals who can deliver superior results...

Lady At Bay has been around for over twelve years and has a proven Australia-wide reputation for its ethos: Lady At Bay's core belief is that the information, treatments and products we present should be scientifically validated by reputable industry and government organisations both here in Australia and overseas.


Our degree and advanced-diploma qualified dermal aestheticians and skin-care specialists have a level of knowledge, which is substantially higher than the information presented to you in pharmacies, departments stores or online... Our aestheticians' knowledge is backed by proven skin science and advanced education so they have a more advanced understanding of your skin’s structure and function... Our aestheticians can advise how best to integrate new ingredients and technologies into the best results-driven solution in a very individual and targeted way... Our aestheticians have access to the latest scientific skin diagnostic technology so they can professionally and thoroughly diagnose your skin so you get a targetted program that delivers instant and ongoing improvements.



Skincare has now become a vital commodity rather than a luxury. Clients are seeking a feel-good as well as a look-good experience. Added to this, consumers' expectations are rising and they want visible results.... and if at all possible - instant results as well.

The products prescribed by Lady At Bay have specialty actives and formulations, which deliver proven and superior results over and above anything that is currently on the market. If there was anything better... we'd stock it!

The key drivers in consumer choices are for natural and botanical actives... Our products are derived from natural and botanical sources and do not contain any harmful ingredients. Our products include ingredients such as herbs, vitamins, phyto-nutrients, fruits etc. and pose no risk to the consumer.

And NO animal testing!

All products sold at Lady At Bay use trans-epidermal delivery systems but we are yet to embrace nano-technology because the long-term results on the body are untested.

Anti-ageing functionality dominates our product ranges. Prescritions include treatments for: DNA protection – energising – anti-stress – anti-wrinkle – antioxidant – moisturising – firming/lifting/tensors – anti-acne – anti-inflammatory – skin whitening / lightening / brightening – slimming & anti-cellulite – sun protection.


Lady At Bay Treatments: (non-surgical) 

Pampering and relaxing PLUS visible improvements...

  • Acne & Acne Scarring
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Baldness
  • Beauty Treatments (include face & body waxing & tinting)
  • Body & Bust Lifts
  • Body Slimming (includes detoxification, fat loss and muscle building)
  • Brow & Brazilian Specialists
  • Burns & Scar Treatments
  • Cellulite & Stretch Mark Removal
  • Face, Eye and Neck Lifts
  • Hand Rejuvenation
  • Injectables (including fillers, anti-wrinkle, pan facials)
  • IPL/Laser Skin Rejuvenation
  • IPL/Laser Hair Removal
  • Massage, Sauna Wraps & Relaxation
  • Pigmentation, Sun & Age Spots
  • Rosacea, Broken Veins, Redness
  • Skin Problems


If you are looking for beauty treatments or anything related to skin care then call Lady At Bay on 02 9909 3326 or email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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