Body Slimming by Lady At Bay-Call 9909 3326

body_slimming_3Body Slimming by Lady At Bay- Call 9909 3326


This is a 100% guaranteed one-stop destination for everything to do with creating your beautiful body.

TESTIMONIAL: "Firstly, the staff were such a wonderful moral support without which I could NOT have achieved the 6 kilo loss in 5 weeks. The 12 body slimming and building treatments changed my body frame from a size 12 to a size 10, and the Optimum Revive disposed of more than 50% of the ugly cellulite covering my buttocks and legs. I feel fantastic!"  Maria P, Woollahra

Treatments are relaxing and non-invasive and will help you eradicate cellulite, lose weight, build muscle, sculp your body into the perfect shape and slimming programs…

In fact with our Body Slimming Program you can drop up to 3 dress sizes in under 6 weeks... GUARANTEED!

You can quickly and easily book a consultation for your body slimming treatment online below.

Or click on the menu item on the left to take you straight to the treatment of your choice.


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