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Body Slimming treatments at Lady At Bay deliver instant results - Call 9909 3326 tolearn more...

body_slimming_3Non-surgical Body Slimming by Lady At Bay will eradicate cellulite and stretch marks, firm sagging skin, improve muscle tone and rejuvenate your body shape… plus you’ll notice improvements after the first session! In fact, to get better results you would need surgery!

NOW you can get rid of ugly cellulite and stretch marks permanently… and… lose weight… tone your whole body or just specific areas such arms, thighs, buttocks, tummy and face… build muscle… firm sagging skin… improve your shape… and drop up to 3 clothes sizes in 6 weeks!

Plus… you’ll enjoy these other benefitsBenefits of the Body Slimming Program

Benefit #1: It’s simplicity itself! All you do is lie on your back and enjoy yourself… This is a very relaxing and pleasant treatment experience.
Benefit #2: Lose weight effortlessly. No hard work dieting, exercising, sweating or body building.
Benefit #3: Tones and tightens the muscles of your body safely and effortlessly… AND no down time!
Benefit #4: No invasive surgery… no needles, no pain and no risks
Benefit #5: Tightens the muscles of your body to give you an instant bodylift.
Benefit #6: Shrinks your body size instantly.
Benefit #7: Results compound with repeated treatments and they are long-lasting
Benefit #8: Each treatment is quick and simple and takes just over an hour.
Benefit #9: You will look more attractive with a terrific taut and toned body … When you look better, you feel more confident and a confident woman is a sexy woman – regardless of age!  
Benefit #10: You can focus on specific parts of the body such as flabby arms, thighs or tummy… and it’s even perfectly safe for toning and firming the bust area.

TESTIMONIAL: "Firstly, the staff were such a wonderful moral support without which I could NOT have achieved the 6 kilo loss in 5 weeks. The 12 body slimming and building treatments changed my body frame from a size 12 to a size 10, and the Optimum Revive disposed of more than 50% of the ugly cellulite covering my buttocks and legs. I feel fantastic!"  Maria P, Woollahra

For best results you will require a course of treatments. Please make an appointment for a consultation to determine the best program for you. (Cost is refundable off a course of treatments.)


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