Body Treatments-Anti-Ageing

Anti-Ageing Body Treatments


A visit to Lady At Bay is the most convenient experience you’ll have…

It’s a one-stop shop where you can get everything under the one roof to achieve...


Are you 100% satisfied with your body?

If not, you're not alone... Lady At Bay uses the latest Italian technology to get your body into shape... In fact, you can even lose up to 3 dress sizes in under 6 weeks... and no dieting!

And that ugly cellulite? Gone!

We help you get back that beautifully silky smooth skin... Whilst you relax...

Every part of your body can be slimmed, shaped, firmed, lifted, toned, tightened...  toxins are eliminated and ugly cellulite and stretch marks removed. You can treat all of your body or just an area like firming your bust or toning flabby arms. 


Bust Firming & Lifting

This is perfectly safe and very gentle and produces excellent results... whether you're male or female improve your shape and tone this area to get the look you want.

Body Slimming & Toning

We can treat a variety of problems to... reshape, tighten and tone, slim and build muscle. Body treatments include a full body massage to help remove fat, stretch marks and cellulite and to detoxify.  

TESTIMONIAL: "Firstly, the staff were such a wonderful moral support without which I could NOT have achieved the 6 kilo loss in 5 weeks. The 12 body slimming and building treatments changed my body frame from a size 12 to a size 10, and the Omnilux disposed of more than 50% of the ugly cellulite covering my buttocks and legs. I feel fantastic!" Maria (surname withheld by request), Woollahra

Spot Firming & Lifting

From weight loss and cellulite removal to muscle building and skin firming, we can help you tone and tighten any area you want... regardless of its size. You can tighten loose saggy skin - like your upper arms - or areas as large as your whole legs and full body.

TESTIMONIAL: “Oh my god! I’ve only had one Physiolift but already my flabby tummy feels really tight and my clothes are looser. I couldn’t believe it when as soon as I got to work the next day, my workmates immediately noticed the difference and thought I’d lost weight. Wahoo!”  Karen Ang, Beauty Point

You will experience immediate results but for long lasting improvements you'll need a course of treatments. For best results, speak with Lady At Bay's program manager for a cost-effective treatment plan designed just for you. 


TOTAL Image Makeover

If you’ve reached a stage in your life where you’d like to improve the way you look and make yourself more attractive then this is it!

This is a truly life changing experience and one you’ll LOVE, whether you’re male or female...

You'll learn which are the best colours for your skin, hair and eye colour as being able to choose the most flattering styles... styles which will enhance your assets and minimise your liabilities. You'll look more attractive, younger, slimmer and healthier... PLUS you'll save money because you'll never again have clothes stuck in your cupboards, which have never been worn or which have been worn only once.

Best of all - this is a lifetime investment... your colouring, your shape and your proportions NEVER change so, regardless of whether you put on or take off weight, you'll always know how to put the perfect look together to look amazing and perfect for every occasion.

No more costly mistakes or redundant clothing!

Create a whole new look

This makes the perfect gift for someone special and is a must if you want to stand out for red-carpet events, celebrity occasions and weddings.

Image & Style Makeovers are suitable for men, women and groups (no more than 6 per group).

Whether it’s as simple as wanting to know which are your best colours... needing to shop for a special event... wondering how to accessorise correctly... maybe you need a full blown style and wardrobe consultation... Sydney’s leading and most experienced Image Consultant will help you...

Lesley Morgan-Wesson is Sydney’s leading image, style and wardrobe specialist whose experience spans nearly 20 years. She has helped sports and media celebrities, politicians, executives, entrepreneurs and ordinary mums and dads.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or a small budget, she will help you save money and turn your wardrobe into a 100% useable asset so you always look more youthful, attractive and healthier.

Organise a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs.

TESTIMONIAL: “The whole thing was amazing. I would never have thought of putting certain colours and styles together the way you showed me. You completely reinvented me and I look fantastic. I’m in the media spotlight and I need to look good. I keep being told, ‘Ooh, you look good!’ My confidence is soaring and I look slimmer, more attractive and younger. Thank you.”  Name withheld, Neutral Bay

 Phone Lady At Bay for more information on 9909 3326

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