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Swedish or Aromatherapy MassageWhy have regular massage?    

A relaxing escape… as you enter a private calm, candle-lit room. A combination of massage techniques, oils and creams can help you with weight loss, migraines, period pain, muscle soreness, body detoxification, and cellulite removal plus improve circulation, digestion and sleep.

TESTIMONIAL: “I found my therapist was extremely pleasant and soothing. Everything was explained and done very calmly and my massage was excellent.”  Lynda Langworthy, Hornsby

Scalp & Neck Massage 

This is especially useful if you sit at a computer all day. Deep tissue massage relieves pressure and tightness in muscles to release tension, help you relax and promote good sleep. 

Full Aromatic Body Scrub 

 This is the perfect preparation for a full body spray tan or nourishing body wrap and also helps to keep your skin supple and moisturised to prevent premature ageing. This will also prevent ingrown hairs if you're still waxing or shaving. Divinely relaxing as well as profoundly beneficial, this is great to add to a full body massage. 

Detoxifying & Slimming Body Wrap

 Soothe your senses as a blend of warm essential oils and moisturisers are applied to the whole body and infused while you relax wrapped with a cocooning heat blanket. You will leave smelling gorgeous and your skin feeling unbelievably soft, relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Specialist Body Massage 

Remedial Massage    (30 or 60min) 

A deeper tissue massage, using a combination of specialised techniques, which relieve tight, tense or injured muscles. It is particularly useful as an aid in rehabilitation after injury as it speeds up the body's healing mechanisms. Additional benefits of remedial massage include elimination of toxins, pain relief, improvement in joint mobility and flexibility.

Lymphatic Drainage (60 min)  

Using very advanced techniques, this is an intensive detoxifying and anti-cellulite massage treatment. This treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or sickness. 

TESTIMONIAL: “Thanks so much for the opportunity to experience the Lady At Bay salon.  Your staff were lovely, the place was lovely and clean and the ambience was perfect.  Being one not to pamper myself very often it really was a treat to have someone make me feel special. Anyway, thanks again I had a lovely time and I will definitely spread the word with all my friends here in Mosman. Have a fabulous day!”  Pam Brossman, Mosman


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Relaxation & Massage 


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