Burns, Scars & Acne Scarring


You Don't Have to Suffer

... with burn marks, scars & acne scarring... Clear and healthy skin doesn’t require a major financial investment or complicated solutions.


How can we help heal burns, scars and blemishes so you get flawless, beautiful skin?

By using powerful and highly active technologies in addition to advanced skin products.

Subcutaneous treatments: which means that the technologies and skin care products we use penetrate deep down inside the skin cells and cannot be washed away- which is why our treatments work and why 95% of over the counter treatments cannot work.  Our skin care products include ingredients formed from botanical plant extracts and amino acids (the building blocks of life), which regenerate your skin tissue at the dermal level.

Permanent: Once we have removed scars, discolouration and blemishes they’re gone.

Simple, quick and easy: Once a week for several weeks is all you need or you may need a few months for more residual scars.

Scientifically proven: All our treatments protocols are highly effective and will significantly reduce most scars and improve photo aged skin as well.

Active ingredients: We don’t put harmful chemicals and irritants onto your skin, which can make your scars worse. Instead we use the recommended skin care routine that’s right for your particular problem.

Reduces and frequently removes scars, blemishes, acne and stretch marks completely: Our technologies penetrate to the dermal layer of the skin to the mitochondria of the cells, which helps with regeneration. Our skin care products include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cell regenerating and healing ingredients to give you the most powerful and effective results.

Anti-ageing properties: Not only will our treatments help you reduce or eradicate scarring, it will also remove all the most common signs of ageing!

Results are Permanent: Once you have treated your burns, scars, stretch marks and acne scars... that's it, they are gone! No long-term use of drugs.

We have invested significantly in the latest European and American technologies to deliver treatments that are as powerful as anything that is currently available on the market today.

And remember that at Lady At Bay, we GUARANTEE the results we promise!


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