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Your eyes are the window to your soul… they are what people look at when they speak to you and what speaks to others even when you don’t utter a sound... Eyes smoulder seductively or throw daggers of rage… either way they talk!

Your eye area is delicate, sensitive and susceptible to trauma… you need to be absolutely sure that someone you trust treats this area with respect. At Lady At Bay you will experience the most comfortable irritation-free treatments you've ever had… no stinging!

Lady At Bay has clients who fly interstate for the best eyebrow shape they’ve ever had.

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Eyebrow Shaping & Tinting

We are famous for our specialist techniques. We will give you the perfect eyebrow shape for your face and an up-to-the-minute flattering, natural looking brow, which includes top quality, low temperature waxes, tints and cold compresses to ensure you feel no burning or discomfort plus a FREE soothing gel and unique eye contour massage to calm this sensitive area.

TESTIMONIAL: “At Lady At Bay I had my first eyebrow wax and it looks great. I also had my eyelashes tinted and it didn’t sting my eyes. The therapist was lovely. Thanks.” Rachel Fuller, North Sydney

TESTIMONIAL: “I have had problems elsewhere getting my eyebrows waxed and my therapist at Lady At Bay has been great at getting them back into shape whilst keeping them looking natural.” Pauline Brophy, Neutral Bay

Eyelash Enhancements

Create the perfect up-to-the-minute look with a variety of luxurious speciality services. Highly trained technicians and specially developed techniques ensure you receive the most relaxing and sting-free tinting experience.

TESTIMONIAL: “My eyelash treatment was very pleasant… what a lovely surprise! A very nice special touch which will definitely have me recommending your salon. As a producer of events for film and TV, I appreciate your attention to detail and for providing those special touches. Thanks.” Francine Hudson, Kirribilli

TESTIMONIAL: “This morning I had a brow and lash tint with one of your therapists. It was the best I have ever had. The service made me want to come back. Thank you.” P. Selkirk, Neutral Bay

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