Facial Treatments at Lady At Bay - Call 02 9909 3326

Facial Treatments at Lady At Bay - Call 02 9909 3326

Guaranteed to Treat Your Skin Concerns

Non-Surgical Facelifts | Skin Rejuvenation | Skin Problems | Skin Care

For over 15 years Lady At Bay has been providing facials and skin treatments for discerning men and women throughout the greater Sydney area and earning distinguishing Awards in the process...

Now Sydney's premier destination for improving skin and looking younger and more attractive... as well as taking care of your beauty needs - we're a destination you can trust.

In fact, as we always say... "You can tell a Lady At bay client by their skin..." Our clients AGE YOUNGER... Simple as that!

Whether you want a non-surgical facelift or a quick pick-me-up facial, we have customised skin treatments to suit every problem, aspiration and budget.

And all of our treatments include our 100% results guarantee.

Celebrities and the world’s most successful men and women are choosing regular skin management programs to keep them looking young and gorgeous… gone are the days when a surgical facelift was the option of choice for looking younger.

Click on the menu item on the left to take you straight to the best facial for you or book a facial quickly and easily using our online booking service.


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