Facial Treatments: Non-Surgical Facelifts

Facial Treatments: Non-Surgical Facelifts

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We have made a huge investment in advanced and proven, medical-grade technologies, which are SO effective, they will give you a natural looking non-surgical facelift and will help you look years younger within a very short space of time... AND...without the necessity of having surgery!

BUT - even if you have had surgery, you can drastically improve your results and help your facelift last longer with our treatments. You can turn back time and you can delay time from ageing you! You can look years younger without surgery.


Our exclusive anti-ageing facial treatments are designed to make you look years younger and more attractive.


Plus there's no surgery and nearly all our treatments - with the exception of Laser and micro-needling for some clients - require no down time.

Before beginning your non-surgical facelift treatment, you will meet with our program manager for a thorough consultation, during which your skin will be diagnosed using the latest scientific Medical Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, which determines your skin's true biological age and which also helps to prescribe the most effective treatment for your unique needs. Our program manager will work with you to determine the best program for your desired outcomes.

Your treatments will be relaxing, with no risks, plus you will see instant visible results.

We can also treat most of the skin problems, which contribute to the ageing effect including lines and wrinkles, sagging, breakouts, acne, acne scarring, dehydration, pigmentation, broken veins, Rosacea, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.

All our facial treatments will delay and reverse the signs of ageing.


Clear And Fresh

This is a unique, non-surgical facelift treatment. Clear And Fresh will help you look years younger with a more flawless, glowing and radiant complexion. There are no risks, no downtime and it’s surprisingly comfortable and relaxing.

There will be a compound improvement in results over time.

TESTIMONIAL: “I’ve been coming to Lady At Bay for many years and all your girls are sensational - it doesn’t matter who I have, they’re all as good as one another. My friend bought me a Xmas gift voucher and I had to go to her salon for a facial - it was awful. I’ve been having the Facelift in an Hour and my friends and family say I look amazing… much younger than my age. Thank you so much girls. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” Helen Carr, Kirribilli


Forever Young

This is an intensive Muscle & Skin Lifting Anti-Ageing Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment

Lines disappear, muscle tone increases, face shape is better defined, neck is firmer with less laxity, and your skin is firmer and plumper. This treatment is taken as a course of 12 treatments over 6 weeks.

TESTIMONIAL: “Love the results of the Forever Young Facial – youth springs eternal with the help of this science and the therapists. What makes the experience of more value is the ‘time out’ – totally relaxing. Like getting a facial massage.” Pauline Olive, Mosman


The LAB Dermalift

A six-month rejuvenation program to give you a full face, neck and decolletage lift. The results of this program of treatments will continue peaking after the treatment course has finished and requires a monthly Maintenance visit.

To determine which of our non-surgical facelift programs is right for you, simply book in a consultation with one of our expert team by calling 02 9909 3326 or click below to book online quickly and easily.


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