IPL Skin Rejuvenation at Lady At Bay - Call 02 9909 3326

IPL Skin Rejuvenation at Lady At Bay - Call 02 9909 3326

Most clients say, "I love the results"... "Results are instant"... "The procedure is comfortable"...

We have performed over TWO million successful procedures and all our operators are accredited laser safety officers with many years' experience, which means your safety is in highly qualified hands. Plus we use proven state-of-the-art medical grade technology, which delivers powerful, yet gentle, and superior results.

Here are some questions you should you ask when seeking an IPL  practitioner...

  1. What is the accreditation of the operators who perform the treatments?
  2. How many years' experience have they had?
  3. Is your equipment TGA approved?
  4. What are your clients saying about their results?
  5. Do you perform a consultation before starting treatments?
  6. Do you ensure good coverage?

You will need a diagnostic evaluation prior to starting your course of treatments. This allows us to more accurately predict how many treatments you'll require and to assess if this treatment is right for you. The cost of your evaluation is redeemable of any course of 4 or more treatments.

What can IPL Skin Rejuvenation do?

IPL Skin Rejuvenation firms the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces enlarged pores, refines skin texture, eradicates red veins and broken capillaries, significantly reduces (and in most cases, eliminates) rosacea, fades age spots, sun spots, pigmentation and freckles and reduces acne and acne scarring.

TESTIMONIAL: "This treatment is light years ahead of laser in relation to the comfort factor. No more pain and I find that I use less makeup." C. Adams, Cremorne

TESTIMONIAL: "Since having IPL facial treatments, my face looks brighter, fresher, smoother and generally more radiant. The treatment is a great pick-me-up and everyone thinks I'm much younger than I am." H. Potts, Mosman

NB: You will receive significant savings when you purchase a package of IPL treatments.






We highly recommend adding OMNILUX LED light treatments to your skin rejuvenation, which improve results by up to 80%.



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