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Facials for men are a 21st Century necessity...Male_facial

 Have you heard the latest term doing the rounds?

It's "lookism". This term refers to the growing trend for companies to hire men who look young and it is leading to more and more men undergoing non-surgical facelifts and surgery in order to get the edge in the workplace.

Research has shown that the more attractive and younger looking you are the better the job you’ll be offered and the more  you're likely to earn - up to 20% more - than your unattractive counterpart!

In fact, in some companies, you’re over the hill at 35!

Add to this, the fact that more and more men visit our Medispa every year (yes, including your friends and colleagues) for male facials to make themselves look younger, more attractive and give themselves a competitive advantage… and YOU’RE behind the eight-ball!

And the sad part is… the longer you leave it before doing anything to improve the way you look and delay and reverse the signs of ageing the harder it will be for you to get the best results.

So come on in for a complimentary consultation for a customised men's facial and/or body treatment to discover how Lady At Bay can help make you look more attractive, younger, fitter, better toned, happier and healthier.

In fact you can get a TOTAL IMAGE MAKEOVER to get you looking sexier, fitter, healthier, better toned and younger.


TESTIMONIAL: “I have been going to Lady At Bay for a few years and I’m very happy. My skin is looking really good and my acne scarring has lessened considerably. The girls are knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I’ve referred friends who trust them implicitly and my new girlfriend comes with me too. Thankfully she’s really happy. We both agree you’re the best salon we’ve visited. Keep up the great work girls!” Steve Barrowclough, Cammeray

You may choose a customised facial for men from as little as $95. Each facial for men is designed for your specific problem and will achieve guaranteed results...


Facials For Men

Deep Cleanse

Deep cleansing, scrub & mask treatment to reduce congestion. Skin feels clean & fresh.

Ultra Skin Cleanse

This is an effective and relaxing skin treatment, focussing on deep cleansing to eliminate blackheads and congestion and providing a visible improvement in skin clarity and hydration immediately after your treatment. Your friendly facialist will discuss your skin care concerns during a skin analysis and show you how to care for your skin at home - quickly and simply and with the minimum of fuss. Your skin will be clean, clear and fresh and you will emerge feeling relaxed and refreshed.

TESTIMONIAL: “Almost as soon as I started the facial treatments and using the creams my therapist recommended my skin cleared up. The acne scarring has also started to fade and after a few weeks my skin looks great. This stuff’s amazing. Thanks girls.” Charles Dominic, Sydney

Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment

You will receive a specialised serum targeted towards hydrating and desensitizing your skin. This is a results driven treatment that leaves your skin fresh and smooth, and is so relaxing you may even fall asleep.

TESTIMONIAL: “My job is really stressful and I’m on site and in the air a lot, which dries out my skin. The Infusion facials work perfectly. My skin doesn’t feel so tight and it doesn’t sting when I shave.” Kevan Stanhope, Sydney

IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin rejuvenation reduces lines and wrinkles, as well as other signs of ageing, and can totally remove acne scarring making you look younger and more attractive.


You will notice an immediate reduction in the appearance of outbreaks and lesions by up to 50%.

TESTIMONIAL: “I’m very happy with the service I am given. I’m also happy with the results of the IPL face and body and my skin isn’t so sore these days. I also like the many specials you offer. The girls are always really kind even though I’ve spat the dummy and acted like a big kid at times. Sorry girls.” Peter Welfare, Woolloomooloo

If you don't achieve the results we promise...

we'll either redo your treatment or give you another free of charge!


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