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TESTIMONIAL: “I was going to the same salon for fifteen years - it was a salon that specialised in men’s treatments, so I never thought I’d be convinced to leave my old salon behind for any reason. I visited Lady At Bay after a colleague gave me a gift voucher for a massage. I only intended to go for that one appointment. That was until I experienced the professionalism of the girls and the exceptional quality of the treatment. I’ve found my new salon. My therapist has the hands of an angel! I always used to have trouble sleeping because my mind’s constantly going with work. Since having weekly massages I’m sleeping much better. And the facials have been great too by the way!” Jonathan Cunningham, North Sydney

Why Do You Need Lady At Bay?

In our private upper level, enjoy a range of anti-ageing, rejuvenation, face and body treatments designed specifically for your needs. From waxing, tinting, IPL/Laser, anti-ageing, body building and slimming programs, we have hundreds of happy male clients who enjoy looking good and feeling in tip top condition.


Facial For Men

TESTIMONIAL: “Almost as soon as I started the facial treatments and using the creams my therapist recommended my skin cleared up. The acne scarring has also started to fade and after a few weeks my skin looks great. This stuff’s amazing. Thanks girls.” Charles Dominic, Sydney

IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation

IPL Skin rejuvenation reduces lines and wrinkles, as well as other signs of ageing, and can totally remove acne scarring making you look younger and more attractive.

ACNE: You will notice an immediate reduction in the appearance of outbreaks and lesions by up to 50%. 

TESTIMONIAL: “I’m very happy with the service I am given. I’m also happy with the results of the IPL face and body and my skin isn’t so sore these days. I also like the many specials you offer. The girls are always really kind even though I’ve spat the dummy and acted like a big kid at times. Sorry girls.” Peter Welfare, Woolloomooloo

Eyebrow Grooming

We are famous for our specialist brow shaping techniques. We will give you a perfect natural looking masculine eyebrow shape which will suit your face. You can be assured you won’t feel any burning or discomfort plus the benefits of a soothing gel and unique eye contour massage to calm this sensitive area.

TESTIMONIAL: “I didn’t want to look like a Nancy boy, so my girlfriend recommended Lady At Bay. My eyebrows look a lot less like a shag pile carpet – they’re really good. Thanks, I really enjoyed the great scalp massage.” Name withheld, Northbridge

Permanent Hair Reduction

We use the very latest technology for SAFE PAIN FREE permanent hair reduction, which is the preferred hair removal choice for men over waxing. Please book in with one of our therapists for a consultation. 

TESTIMONIAL: “I don’t know why anyone would go for waxing. As well as the pain, it’s not a permanent fix and, it ends up in the long run costing more than IPL, which is a lot cheaper, plus it’s permanent and pain free! Wherever I’ve been for waxing it felt like I was being skinned alive. At Lady At Bay it was a lot better. I don’t know what they did, but it didn’t hurt anywhere near as much as other places I’ve been before. As soon as the therapist told me about IPL I thought, “Yeah, great!” The IPL didn’t hurt at all and I only needed 4 treatments. I mean, seriously, does anyone still come in for waxing?" Bill Martin, Cammeray

Comfort Body Waxing For Men

Specially developed techniques and caring staff provide you with your most comfortable and smoothest waxing experience ever. We only use high quality waxes with ingredients to calm and soothe your skin. All waxing includes a FREE serum treatment to soothe skin and retard hair growth and a FREE skin polish to remove sticky residue.

NB: We do not offer Brazilians for men. 

TESTIMONIAL: “Every time I‘ve been here the staff have been happy, helpful and despite me looking like a young meathead guy, the treatments have been very gentle and care has been taken to avoid reactions by my skin. VERY PLEASED.” Dylan Frith, Drummoyne

NOTE: PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL saves you money in the long run - enquire in-spa on 9909 3326


Massage aids with tension headaches, muscle soreness, body detoxification, plus improves circulation, digestion and gives you a better night's sleep. Choose between a 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute treatment for the most relaxing escape. 

TESTIMONIAL: “I have a lot of tension in my back and neck and the very firm and relaxing massages are extremely effective. I always feel calm and relaxed and my back feels loose. My experience here is always great. I look forward to my next visits.” Lester Tan, Hornsby


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