Non-Surgical LAB DERMALIFT by Lady At Bay - Call 02 9909 3326

Non-Surgical LAB DERMALIFT by Lady At Bay - Call 02 9909 3326

The LAB DERMALIFT is a full non-surgical face and neck lift program and it is exclusive to Lady At Bay and is customised to give you an intensive 6-month program of several treatments and skincare regimens. You will see instant results, which compound throughout the facial treatment program. These facial treatments deliver a natural-looking result with a lift that has many clients telling us that their friends and family say they look up to 15 years younger!

The advantage of these Facial treatments over surgery is that the skin also improves not just tightening, toning and lifting... plus we can also massively stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to further enhance your rejuvenated look.

TESTIMONIAL: "This program is amazing. I couldn't beleive my eyes after my first treatment - I really looked younger with my neck, jowels and especially the eye area looking tighter. My partner noticed immediately I got home. The improvements have continued and I'm thrilled. This cost me much less than a surgical facelift, which I was considering. The best part is my skin is also improving. Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart. I feel so young again!" Name witheld, Mosman

anti-ageing-facial-treatmentYou DO NOT need surgery to look younger! This Non-Surgical Facelift significantly reduces wrinkles, sagging skin and other signs of ageing. Treatments are comfortable, safe and relaxing with NO recovery time…

Recommended for clients over 50 years of age who want to reverse the signs of ageing.


Your Guarantee...

We deliver guaranteed results... Not exaggerated promises. However in the unlikely event that you do not get the results we promise you... we'll either redo your treatment or offer you an alternative for FREE on your second visit.

The MAJOR Benefit

No-one will know you’ve had any work done, which is a major benefit if you are in the public eye! You’ll look natural (without that stretched skin look) and more like you did when you were 10 to 15 years younger. Once you start the process of rejuvenation, you’ll notice improvements immediately and others will notice within the first month. You will look refreshed and healthy and others will say you look, “glowing and radiant”.

The Benefits to your Skin and Facial Muscles

Your skin will look and feel hydrated, radiant, plumper and firmer, wrinkles will disappear (especially around your lips and eyes) and your skin will look lifted – especially around your eyes, jaw-line and neck. The folds that develop around your nose (naso-labial folds) and corners of your mouth (marionette lines) will be lifted and smoothed. Blemishes, congestion, pigmentation, Rosacea, broken veins, open pores and even scarring will be eradicated to reveal smooth, luminous and flawless skin. Because a major focus of the LAB DERMALIFT treats the muscles, your face and neck will resume its more youthful shape with less sagging and skin laxity.

The Benefits to your Eyes and Lips

Your eye area will look smooth and wrinkle free and there will be definite lifting and plumping; dark circles will be reduced and the deep folds under the eye area will be significantly diminished (if not totally removed). Fine lines and wrinkles around the lip area will greatly diminish and often disappear and they will be fuller and plumper. (This result cannot be guaranteed for smokers.)

The Cost-Saving Benefit

The LAB DERMALIFT facelift will give you long lasting results that continue to improve after the course is finished and which far exceed what is possible with plastic surgery because your skin will be improved and look more youthful. To treat the face, neck & décolletage area is a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery and there are no risks or downtime. (With cosmetic/plastic surgery you require 2-3 weeks healing time and about 2 to 3 months for the effects to become obvious. A surgical facelift lasts only about 5 to 7 years.)

The Benefits to the Way you Feel

You will look more attractive, youthful and radiant… and you will feel more positive about yourself… When you look better, you feel more confident and a confident woman is a sexy woman – regardless of age!  

The LAB DERMALIFT Non-Surgical Facelift

Inclusions involve multiple technologies to improve the structure and quality of skin and facial support structures (like the muscles), advanced cosmeceutical skincare for continued improvement at home, plus injectable treatments for the final all-natural-looking rejuvenation and enhancement…

If you paid individually for all the treatments and products that are included in this Facelift (and many do), you would pay too much! So don’t decide your treatment program by yourself because we have packaged together this facelift so that it’s affordable.

YOUR NO RISK GUARANTEE: The many clients who have participated in this program have all been delighted and we are so confident that you will be too that we give you this no risk guarantee. If there is no visible mprovement after your first Dermalift Non-Surgical Facelift treatment, we’ll redo the treatment for FREE!

Here's what some of our clients are saying...

"I have been a client at Lady at Bay for nearly 3 years. I have not only enjoyed my visits as the therapists are warm, friendly and competent, but have seen my skin improve markedly. I was reasonably hesitant to try treatments at first as I had been through the ‘beauty shop’ mill and spent money on Fabulous Treatment X or Fabulous Treatment Y with absolutely no outcome, so responded with a bit of a shield and defend approach to any suggestions made to me as to what I might need for my skin. Long story short - I took the plunge and tried the treatments and products recommended.  I was, and continue to be surprised each time I have a treatment at the cumulative improvements I see in my skin.  It  not only looks better, it behaves better – it takes up and responds to product more readily.  I am now loyal to a number of products and happily take advice from any of the great therapists with regard to my changing needs.  I don’t even question it except to ask their rationale, as I am very interested in caring for my skin as best I can. So, I have no hesitation in recommending Lady at Bay to anyone who wants to see real and continuing improvement in their skin." Terry N, Neutral Bay

“After my divorce I had some cosmetic surgery, which cost me a fortune but I looked amazing. After 5 years my skin started showing lines and wrinkles so I went to Lady At Bay for some help. I’m almost 60 and for the last few years they’ve improved my skin to the point where it looks better than before I had surgery. I get value for money, incredible results and I fully trust what they tell me. I couldn’t be happier.” Kay (surname withheld), Nth. Sydney

"My skin has improved overall and extensively over a 6-month period. I love all the therapies and my visits are most enjoyable. And most of all I like the great special offers. Keep up the good work!" Margaret S, Neutral Bay

For a no obligation consultation with our Program Manager to find out if this treatment program is right for you, simply call Lady At Bay on 9909 3326 to arrange your appointment today. Alternatively, click below to book your consultation online.



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