Pedicure Treatments at Lady At Bay-Call 9909 3326


For a divine pedicure treatment at Lady At Bay call 9909 3326 and experience the difference...

pedicure-3-sets-feetSpecialised techniques developed over many years reliably give you a relaxing and pampering experience that is totally different to that of Nail Bars. We spend time grooming your nails and cuticles to ensure they are hydrated and grow strong and healthy.


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 For a superior result:

We highly recommend the Calluspeeling Foot Management program, which goes far beyond your normal pedicure; once you try this treatment, you’ll never want to go back…

You will be amazed when (post- treatment) your feet look and feel soft, satiny smooth, hydrated and callous-free… In fact, better than they have looked since you were a baby! In over 11 years, we have never seen such an extraordinary treatment. Calluspeeling is the most effective, fast, simple, and hygienic method of completely eliminating even the strongest callouses – without the use of blades, drills or other abrading utensils.

Your feet will be beautiful, soft and healthy, and no longer feel uncomfortable in shoes... plus it is relaxing and pleasant and can be easily added to your pedicure. When compared to traditional methods, your results will be significantly better… and completed in less time.


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