Pre- & Post-Operative Skin Care

So You’re Having Surgery…

No matter what type of surgery you’ve chosen, once you have decided to proceed you must ensure your skin achieves optimum health both prior to and after treatment to guarantee the best possible results and to promote healing.

Who Can Have These Treatments?

Anyone who is about to have surgery or anyone who has had surgery; even years after surgery we can still help minimize scarring.

Is Cosmetic Surgery Enough?

In the case of any type of facial cosmetic procedure, surgery alone cannot create a convincingly youthful appearance. Even though your skin may be pulled tight, you will still look your age… just with tighter skin.

How Do You Look Really Youthful?

To look really youthful you need to have clear, smooth, radiant skin WITHOUT any signs of photo-damage and so that your skin enhances the surgery and the two together compliment each other.

Drastic measures such as the use of laser resurfacing and heavy peels are designed to destroy the outer layer (or epidermis) of the skin, however they traumatize the epidermis, which is an extremely thin layer of skin 0.2 mm thick (thinner than the average sheet of paper!).

Optimal Pre- and Post-Operative Skin Care

The aim with any good skin care regime is to establish a strengthening and thickening of the dermis and epidermis by producing rich amounts of collagen and elastin whilst simultaneously eradicating the effects of photo-ageing.

For faster healing and the best possible results, we recommend:

Diagnostic Skin Imaging

The primary purpose of this diagnostic evaluation treatment is to identify your skin care issues and the best treatment alternatives. You will be prescribed a skin care plan and nutritional therapies.

Medicalia Peels, Pre- and Post-Operative Home Care

Scientifically advanced and clinically accurate skin care formulations to enhance the post-operative patient’s experience. This is a scientifically advanced range of prescriptive skin care products, which will be prescribed to match your specific skin condition. On average, you will see changes and improvements within 30 to 60 days, which will compound over time to improve the structure and density of your epidermal and dermal skin layers.

Lymphatic Drainage

Vital for pre- and post operative surgery, this relaxing treatment will accelerate recovery and dramatically improve the condition of the skin by detoxing the body through the removal of excess fluids in areas affected by the surgical procedure. Lymphatic drainage allows healthier fluids and nutrients to enter the skin tissue to promote healing and the renewal process of the skin.


Using LED light waves around the surgery site will speed healing and minimize scarring and will promote production of massive amounts of collagen and elastin to promote healing. For best results we recommend twelve treatments scheduled before and after surgery with Omnilux Red light and Omnilux PLUS light.

Camouflage Cosmetics

Our all-natural ELES mineral makeup will aid healing whilst camouflaging any unsightly signs of surgery.

Hyperbaric Oxygen (02) Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is especially beneficial after surgery to treat infections, burns, severe swelling, slow-healing wounds, and ischemia (inadequate blood and therefore inadequate oxygen flow) to wounds.

The air we breathe is about 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. With hyperbaric (pressurized) oxygen therapy, the air pressure is increased 2 to 3 times that of normal air pressure and this increased pressure and maximum oxygen content, dissolves the oxygen and forces it into the skin tissue, resulting in 10 to 20 times the concentration of normal blood oxygen. Increased oxygen helps to stimulate the growth of new healthy cells and helps white blood cells to fight infection. These treatments take only half an hour and are relaxing and comfortable.

There are no risks and no contraindications with any of our prescription therapies and only highly trained skin care technicians apply the treatments.


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