Anti-Ageing Products


According to several scientific research authorities...

the over-the-counter skin care cream you're using probably costs less than the jar it came in!


Here at Lady At Bay we only use and retail highly effective,scientifically advanced and proven anti-ageing skin care products... products that we happily use ourselves.

We use these products in our treatments, we use them ourselves and recommend them to clients because we have experienced first hand their amazing ability to reduce wrinkles and reverse the signs of ageing. Our products produce real results… not just promises!

PLUS you get a 100% GUARANTEE of success! 

LADY AT BAY will never stock products that are tested on animals or that contain ingredients known to be harmful to you, your skin or the environment.

At Lady At Bay, we offer products that are all natural, have high levels of active ingredients and do NOT contain petrochemicals, or alcohol. In fact, because they are so effective, they must be prescribed, which is why it is impossible for you to get these excellent results over-the-counter.

NOTE: If you self-prescribe your skin care products from elsewhere, your products will not contain sufficient active ingredients to improve your skin - they will tend to sit on your skin's surface and clog your pores... acting like cling wrap!

Lady At Bay products are prescribed because they contain active ingredients, which deliver significant improvements to the dermis of your skin... not just the outer dead layer; therefore the condition of your skin is rejuvenated.

We stock the following skin care ranges:









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