Only one product represents the absolute latest

cutting edge

amino acid skin care technology

available in the world today…

In the world of skin care Amino Genesis is on the other side of the fence... it is an advanced cosmeceutical revolutionising the International market with its remarkable curative and anti-ageing abilities.  

Warning: There are many websites selling fake AminoGenesis products. These are potentially harmful to your skin. Please only buy from reputable salons or spas!

110628_winte_promo_aminogenesisThe hottest youth restoring secret in Hollywood is based on the very miracle of life itself… AminoGenesis has harnessed the life giving properties of amino acids to create what is the most powerful anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, anti-discolouration skin care product in the world.

The result of advanced skin science, AminoGenesis has been developed by a world-class team of scientists, chemists and doctors and has been used extensively in the health care industry for over a decade. Today, the base formula is used worldwide in thousands of hospitals and by dermatologists, oncologists, cosmetic surgeons, anti-ageing doctors, aestheticians plus leading salons and day spas. The skin care results are so outstanding that the world famous Hoag Cancer Center in California  recommended AminoGenesis to all its outpatients whose skin had been burned and/or severely damaged through radiation therapy.

AminoGenesis can be used to improve a multitude of skin problems. So if your skin is showing signs of ageing, or you have ANY type of skin problem, then this is the only real solution.

Do you have problems with excema, dermatitis, psoriasis, congested or acne-prone skin? AminoGenesis is the ultimate skin management system for serious skin conditions.

Click here to find out more about the 7 unique products that make up the AminoGenesis range.

AminoGenesis has no known contra-indications and can be safely used with your existing products.

Thousands of our clients have used Amino Genesis and, regardless of age, all have noticed instant and continuing improvements. In fact, once clients start using this miracle products range... they never stop!

Here's what just a couple of clients have said about AminoGenesis...


“After suffering from chronic eczema on my hands for over 10 years and trying many different medications, I started using (AminoGenesis) Cocoon on my face as recommended by therapists at Lady At Bay. By applying Cocoon on my face I was also rubbing it into my hands daily. After a few weeks my hands had TOTALLY cleared up and were no longer inflamed, itchy or had any broken skin from me scratching. I highly recommend Cocoon, AminoGenesis. I believe it’s a miracle product!” Angie Norris, Neutral Bay (Registered Nurse)

AminoGenesis Changed My Life! I’ve suffered with chronic psoriasis all my life. My skin was itchy all the time so I constantly scratched, which caused my skin to become red, raw and bleed. I was always unhappy and depressed. Throughout my life I must have seen loads of dermatologists and my mum spent thousands of dollars trying to alleviate the cause but NOTHING ever worked. Until now that is… The minute I started using the Cocoon, I felt immediate relief. Within a few days I stopped scratching completely and the redness diminished significantly within a week. Within a month my skin was normal. My family was amazed because they had never known me not to scratch! As well, I was really nervous about starting university next month, but now I don’t have to worry because I look and feel normal… you’re my guardian angels. Thank you so much.” Susan Wilson, Castle Hill

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