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There are just 8 cost effective, AminoGenesis skin care products in the whole range suitable for all skin types and conditions… male, female, oily, dry, light, dark and anywhere in between. It's a simple, straight forward range of products that actually works.

If you want to keep it simple, we recommend the AminoGenesis Core Four...


The basic starting point is really clean skin. Most typical cleansers strip the skin using chemicals, which dehydrate and upset the delicate balance of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Really, Really Clean is a three-in-one… no need for masks, toners or exfoliants, it bathes the skin with life-giving amino acids while deeply cleansing embedded dirt, make-up and other impurities. Excellent as a face and total body wash, it is also perfect for use as a shaving gel to help prevent razor bumps and burns. A favourite with men!

2. AminoGenesis COCOON

This basic formula is the product that started it all. Used effectively as both a face and body moisturiser, it leaves the skin feeling sexy and smooth as silk all over. The unique, rapidly penetrating lotion contains 17 plant-derived amino acids, (nine of these are deemed essential and must be acquired from outside the body) which dissipate into the skin immediately to hydrate and nourish. Applied frequently to troubled areas, problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema are relieved quickly as the rich amino acids go to work immediately.


This has superior anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties and contains the same 17 amino acids as Cocoon but is triple the strength. This formula gives you the most deeply moisturizing and nourishing power not available in any other product in the world!


This engineering marvel is a special gel/cream hybrid! Using the same amino acid formula, other special ingredients have been blended to help diminish fine lines, puffiness and dark circles and rejuvenate the delicate skin around the eye.

For even better results and ongoing anti-ageing improvements in the skin, we recommend the following serums...

AminoGenesis PARANORMAL EFXamino-genesis-paranormal-EFX

The hottest and very Latest Anti-Ageing Super Serum... for results that are out of this world...

After years of research and development, this anti-ageing compound is so amazing, the results have even blown the researchers away!

Paranormal EFX with Regenaplex 4 is a powerful and revolutionary cosmetic serum. It is the first ever to combine the anti-ageing powers of 6 scientifically advanced ingredients that work together to fight the signs of ageing such as:

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

  • Loss of Firmness

  • Sun Spots & Discolouration

  • Uneven Skin Tone

  • Enlarged Pores

  • Dryness

  • Loss of Smoothness/Texture

  • Loss of Radiance & Lustre


"This powerful 40-night treatment is what I used with stunning improvements to my skin’s firmness and clarity." (Lesley Morgan-Wesson, owner, Lady At Bay)

The sun, wind, extremes of temperature, smoking, drinking and just getting older all contribute to the visible signs of ageing causing skin sagging, loss of firmness and elasticity, fines lines, wrinkling and discolouration. These are all signs of a breakdown in the connective tissue of the skin, which form the support structure for each individual skin cell. You don’t need plastic surgery, just Tripeptinon, which is a non-prescription anti-ageing serum so powerful and effective it’s been dubbed "FACE LIFT IN A CAPSULE"!

Tripeptinon is an incredible new technology, which travels deep into the skin taking an intracellular route (in and around the skin cells and connective tissue). Once in the skin, Tripeptinon undergoes hydrolysis which separates the fatty acids so that they can be used by the skin to bolster the support structures. Next an amazing phenomenon takes place as Tripeptinon begins to organise itself into bi-level layers to trap moisture in the skin, preventing moisture loss and lifting, firming and strengthening facial connective tissue giving your skin the most youthful appearance possible. While most skin care products have address the surface issues of the skin, the support and connective tissues have been totally neglected. Tripeptinon combines three powerful anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and anti-sagging technologies in each single application capsule!

  1. Ceramide 2: This wonder nutrient penetrates rapidly to bolster and strengthen crucial skin connective tissue to reduce sagging, discolouration, dryness and other signs of ageing.
  2. Ubiquinone: The most powerful antioxidant in the world. Its ability to help improve the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and other signs of ageing are legendary!
  3. Amino-Acid Oligopetides: Clinical trials reveal this amino acid complex actually triggers the skin's own collagen making and repair mechanisms to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, often caused by sun damage.

For ultimate results, Tripeptinon should be used with other products from the AminoGenesis range.


The most advanced anti-ageing serum available anywhere in the world! No other company has been able to combine 4 powerful anti-oxidants (vitamins A, C, D and CoQ10) with 17 amino acids. This amazing water based formula offers intense daily protection against free radical damage; improves skin elasticity, texture, firmness and smoothness; protects collagen from oxidation; reduces dark spots; is an important factor in epidermal cell turnover; and helps cells create energy and preserve vitamin E.



This is an intensive day/night treatment for sun damage, photo-depletion and prematurely aged skin, characterised by dry patches, discolouration spots, deep furrowed wrinkles and an overall weathered appearance. Amino peptides penetrate the surface of the skin to communicate with the fibroblast cells in your epidermis, encouraging them to increase collagen production, which helps repair the damage caused by sun exposure. Twice honoured as Editor’s choice: Day Spa Magazine. 

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