Medicalia is a range of professional cosmeceutical skincare products that have been developed to meet the exacting demands of cosmetic physicians, plastic surgeons and Medical aesthetics. This comprehensive anti-ageing and pre and post-operative skin care system, enables your Lady At Bay dermal aesthetician to offer you the most advanced approach to your skin care needs. Nothing that you purchase over-the-counter can give you the positive improvements you'll get when you use Medicalia.

Clinically Accurate: Scientifically advanced and clinically accurate, the Medicalia product range is available only via prescription through leading Medispas, dermatologists, plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Lady At Bay is authorised to prescribe these specialist medical-grade peels and skin care products.

The Formulation: Medicalia formulations are the latest in high performance skin care with ingredients that work in perfect synergy with your skin to maximize results and assure you of total comfort and satisfaction.

Benefits of Professional Home Care: Lady At Bay has a broad selection of professional products, each of which target specific face and body problems. All our Medicalia professional products feature distinct clinical home care systems to care for your skin both before and after a variety of cosmetic procedures including IPL/Laser treatments, chemical peeling, cosmetic surgery and more. 

Pre & Post-Operative Skin Care: Medicalia products simultaneously promote accelerated post-operative wound healing  for a speedier recovery as well as minimizing post-surgical scarring. When they are used in combination with Lady At Bay LED light and Oxygen therapies, clients have virtually undetectable scars after surgery.

Skin Care Management: As a fully integrated clinical system, Medicalia not only addresses perioperative skin management, but also enhances other rejuvenation techniques by offering daily maintenance regimens for all skin types.You can feel confident that our Medicalia range ensures your complete safety because the whole product line has been Dermatologist tested and approved.

Medicalia professional grade cosmecuetical peels: Professional and medical-grade peels target a specific face and body problems. After diagnosing your skin, your dermal aesthetician will prescribe the best peel to give you optimum results. You'll experience unsurpassed excellence with our professional treatment peels, which, collective research and clinical studies have shown, to be superior to the results experienced with Dermabrasion. 

Our clinical skin specialists love using the Medicalia peels on clients because they are safer, have fewer risks, have no downtime and the results are better - especially when combined with exclusive Lady At Bay's Non-surgical Facelift facial treatments. 

Experience what we can do for your skin by phoning Lady At Bay now on 9909 3326.


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