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Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy Treatment at Lady At Bay  

infusion_treatmentAn Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy Treatment is an immediate hydrating and nourishing boost for your skin…

Life in a dry climate, under an almost-always burning sun, can take its toll on your skin. To combat these harsh elements, Lady At Bay recommends a series of replenishing Intraceuticals oxygen facials, which will be the most effective treatment for your dehydration and sensitivity.

“I love this technology. I used to have these replenishing treatments even before I bought Lady At Bay and so I was determined to offer this technology to my clients. It was the first piece of equipment we bought back in 2003. This vital supply of hydration and nutrients to my skin is wonderful and keeps ageing and wrinkles at bay!” says owner Lesley Morgan-Wesson.

An Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment infuses moisture, hyuloronic acid, essential vitamins, and antioxidants into the skin through a therapeutic hyperbaric oxygenating machine. The infusion instantly plumps, firms, hydrates and improves skin tone - reducing the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation and making the skin glow with radiance... it also make a superb base for foundation, which glides on flawlessly - leaving a dewy finish.

An Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion treatment is much more than a beauty regime… it is vital in maintaining healthy skin... When antioxidants are depleted from your skin by environmental stresses, it takes the body several days to replenish them. However with an Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment, it takes just a few hours for the skin to absorb the antioxidants, giving it the protection it needs from free radicals.

"I have never seen such dramatic results from a facial and my husband’s skin looked transformed as well. Amazing!” Vanessa Harper, Lady At Bay client.

Intraceuticals_Daily_SerumIntraceuticals Skin Care products are a cosmeceutical skin care range that works in perfect harmony with Lady At Bay's Booster Facials to heal skin that has been sensitised from soap and water and other harsh chemicals, restoring its natural resistance and beauty. Intraceuticals is a deeply nourishing, hydrating, hypo-allergenic and beautifully fragranced skin care range that is perfect for all skin types.

The results speak for themselves.

Click on the images below to find out what the stars have to say about O2 Intraceuticals.

Eva Longoriaeva_longoriaMadonnamadonna

And the guys don't miss out either...

"Years of touring, flying and TV make-up take their toll on your skin. An Intraceuticals Infusion ™ makes my skin feel dope." Justin Timberlake

Be aware... there are lots of fakes around... Oxygen facials are not all the same and machines alone are not the answer. Many salons use serums that have not been clinically tested and these can actually CAUSE free radical damage, rather than combat it. The combination of Intraceuticals hyperbaric oxygen technology and state of the art Intraceuticals Infusions hold the key.

Speak to one of Lady At Bay's clinical skin specialists for more information on these specialist facial treatments or click on the button below to book online today.



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