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Pevonia Botanica, one of the worlds leading spa care brands, and loved by many well-known celebrities, provides a complete line of products and treatments for face and body containing the finest natural marine and botanical ingredients combined with technologically advanced formulas to deliver outstanding visible results and an unsurpassed spa experience.

Launched in 1991, Pevonia Botanica spa face and body continues to uphold its commitment to deliver outstanding results to every skin type via holistic product formulations administered at the healing hands of skilled, highly trained, professional skincare specialists worldwide. Pevonia strongly believes lasting true beauty begins at the hands of the professional skincare specialist.

Renowned elite biologists work with Dr Sylvie Hennessy, Pevonia’s creator, to create all the products in the range while ensuring efficacy and exclusiveness. Products then undergo independent dermatologist testing and reviews.Pevonia_MaskFaceCouple

Offering over 150 specialized home care products and more than 100 professional in-spa treatments, Pevonia provides effective skincare solutions for women and men of every age and ethnicity. 

Pevonia’s unique power directly reflects in its ability to soothe, hydrate, rejuvenate and de-stress face, body and spirit.

Committed to the environment...  

Organic Extracts • Paraben-Free • Alcohol-Free • Lanolin-Free • Mineral Oil-Free • PABA-Free • Urea-Free• No Artificial Colours • No Formaldehyde • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate • Eco-Packaging • Cruelty-Free

An integral part of Pevonia’s philosophy is to maintain an affinity with nature and its precious resources. The company maintains a harmonious balance by offering fully recyclable, completely biodegradable packaging and refraining from any form of animal testing.

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