Dermatologist Report On Pevonia

Dr. Craig Kraffert, Board certified dermatologist and graduate of the UCLA School of Medicine

“Pevonia Botanica is best characterized as spa based botanical skin care with a clinical edge. The line is large with products suitable for virtually every skin type and situation. Rather than focus on clinical results in development and promotion of its products, Pevonia tends to be more focused on the attainment of ‘wellness’ via formulations that incorporate potent effective natural ingredients. This is not to say that the products have no clinical benefit - they do.
Pevonia’s lineup consists of products for healthy maintenance and results-oriented facial care, body and foot care, sun care and bathing needs. Many distinct lines are available including, for example, products specifically for men’s skin care and rosacea prone skin care. There are many aspects of Pevonia that are great from the dermatologic perspective and, frankly, some things that are somewhat naturopathic with methods of action and properties beyond mainstream dermatologic science.
Pevonia’s routine facial care products are characterized by light natural fragrances and adaptability to skin types from dry to oily to sensitive and variations in between. The packaging, presentation, feel and marketing of these products is artistically soothing. Pevonia has several unique mask products including some utilizing unique sources of mud that have been favored for centuries.
Results oriented products include those containing vitamin C and microencapsulated retinol for rejuvenative and preventative therapy for photodamage. Other results oriented lines include those for acne, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. Pevonia’s RS2 line is a favorite and works well alone on skin with mild rosacea tendencies and is great for incorporating into a regimen with prescription products for the treatment of more challenging rosacea. Pevonia’s lightening treatments are hydroquinone free and provide great results.”

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